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 Posted: 10-25-2008 08:47 pm
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I've heard they are good, and possibly easier to use than the Unisyn I used when I (tried to) sync the carbs earlier this season. Drawing a lot of air in around the spindles and I may still have a vacuum leak or two, but it improved the situation a lot. I will get one, I think, they are only around £70.

The Unisyn was a bit cumbersome in use, we had a bit of trouble getting it to mate properly with the carb throat on the rear carb.

I agree that carb sync is essential for any results at all, but there must be people out there that have been using wideband O2 sensors for setting up engines with carbs? I can't really think of any other method (other than measuring the amount of fuel and air entering the engine) to determine how far off you are at any given moment?