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 Posted: 10-25-2008 03:34 pm
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Just out of interest:
Wideband O2 sensor circuits are now really affordable, and provides data logging for additional channels. If you build a AFR/RPM/MAP table for your setup, how much practical experimentation is really needed to find a jetting that is sound for the entire RPM and throttle range? Given the starting point (the current jetting), it should be predictable how the interaction between the elements is, right?

The JAW wideband controller:

At the moment, I am running a pair of knackered Strombergs, but I will switch to Dell'Ortos or Webers (or Jenvey throttle bodies and a computer squirt if I'm lucky with the paperwork towards the authorities, at the moment it has to be "in original state"). Seeing the stories of jetting experiments, I believe there should be a much more scientific way of getting the desired results.