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 Posted: 10-22-2008 04:11 pm
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After re-reading Des Hammill's excellent book, here are my thoughts:

Webers and Dellortos are infinitely adjustable. The progression mixture is adjusted with the idle circuit and must be spot-on. I think your idle circuit is too lean. Optimize your air/fuel mixture at 2600 RPM! Get a richer idle air corrector and re-adjust 900 rpm running with the idle screws.

Determine is if the Carbs are an emission version. These have lean progression circuits. Check under the progression hole cover and see how many holes there are and their size. The more or the larger the holes, the leaner the progression. The DCOE 2 and 11 seem to be non-emission versions.

If you have an emission carb you may need a larger idle jet, perhaps 60 or 65, and leaner idle air corrector.

A CO test at your local smog shop can determine if your jetting is correct.



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