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 Posted: 10-19-2008 10:33 pm
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Webers and Dellortos (except competition models) have choke mechanisms. The Weber's is located on the manifold side of the body. The arm and cable stops should be clearly visible when viewed over the cam covers.

Weber and Dellorto carburetors have accelerator pumps which the stock Zenith Strombergs do not. If you live in a mild climate as I do, a few pumps on the accelerator shoots streams of raw gasoline into the intake tract. After starting, a bit of warm-up may be required so you will be confined to the cockpit until it will idle on it's own. Those with ZS carbs can pump all day with no effect and would be advised to confirm the proper functioning of their chokes. 

Webers do in fact have progression holes and an expert tuner should have no problem eliminating any flat spots. Most old Alfas have Webers so your local restoration shop may be able to help with any tuning issues.