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 Posted: 10-19-2008 09:28 pm
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The JH originally came with the dual Strombergs in most western markets. In Europe they were available with dual Dellorto two barrels. Weber two barrels were never factory on the JH. That's why they are not mentioned in the manual. Webers can be fitted to the JH using the Europian intake manifold, but people on the message board have mentioned that they are difficult to get right and usually have a flat spot in mid range driving. As for the choke, the JH came stock with a manual choke cable on the dash just below and to left of the radio. I'm not an expert on Webers, but it seems there should be some sort of choke mechanism. If you check the message board under carburators there is quite a lot of discussion on Webers and Dellorto's. Gary

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