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 Posted: 10-13-2008 08:09 pm
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If you are having problems adapting the J-H speedo to the W58, here's what I did: I installed a 31 tooth speedo gear. Problem is, it's too small to engage with the drive gear on the output shaft. So, I got a piece of aluminum bar stock, turned it to the same OD as the Toyota speedo housing. I then bored a .750 hole offset .100 from center and cut an O ring groove around the outside.

I then turned the Toyota speedo gear housing to .750 od and then tapped it into the piece I made, using Loctite Red to seal the two together. I now have an eccentric housing which can be turned to adjust for different speedometer drive gears.

The cable is from a 1986 Mazda RX7, it is long enough that the 90 degree drive adapter is not required. It is necessary to drill a 1" hole throught he 5 speed crossmember to route the cable, and to remove the J-H quick disconnect end and install it on the Mazda cable.

With 195/60/14 tires and a 3:45-1 rear axle, the 31 tooth gear is approximately 10% slow at 60 MPH. It really needs a 30 tooth gear, but Toyota does not seem to offer that. This gear is very similar to other Japanese makes, I'm going to keep checking around until I find a 30 tooth gear.