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 Posted: 09-20-2008 12:45 am
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I am out of town but I will see if I can post some pics when I get back. I will add a funny story about Judson.......

I was picking up my car in Atlanta in which the temperature is usually over 95 degrees in the summer. Where I live, the temperature rarely hits 95 all summer anyway, so I never had a cooling problem to speak of. Judson was test driving my car after installing his rebuilt engine in a rather "shady" section of town when all of a sudden, my temp gauge started swinging wildly to the right and pegged. It moved around a little but mostly stayed pegged to the right. After verifying my engine was fine and was never in any danger of overheating, Judson quickly installed an "autometer" temp gauge as he said " My heart could just not take the palpatations your stock temperature gauge creates"  Poor guy almost had a stroke and heart attack  at the same time. A smith gauge will do that too you early. Anyway, after the autometer gauge installed the temp was rock solid @ 180 degrees.  The electric fan Judson installed was also quite a big improvment over the engine driven fan at idle. I was stuck in a traffic jam outside Charlotte NC for 35 minutes, idling with the outside air temperature of 90 degrees. The gauge never went over 190. Normally, without the electric fan, I would have been  over 3/4 to the H on the smith gauge. Of course I am still running a 2 core radiator too. ( I know, I should change it but I do live up north ;) )