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 Posted: 09-19-2008 01:42 am
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 I continue to have a cooling problem for my '73 JH  #12248.  I have put in a 3-row radiator, voltage stabilizer, new temp sensor unit, new radiator cap, changed the coolant, added 'water wetter' and it continues to run hotter and hotter. Even today, the temp outside was only 70 degrees and the engine temp ran up to the redline....hotter than its ever gotten.  I cannot find a correlation. Faster speeds/rpms seems to cool it down sometimes, other times heats it up more .  The temp gauge always reads slightly over mid-way but lately its increasing more. It will fluctuate between 3/4 of the way up and just under the redline.  It never used to get this high. It seems to have gotten progressively higher over this summer even in cooler weather. I by-passed the heater core thinking it might be corroded and blocking the coolant flow. No change.  The timing may be a little too far advance since I occasionally get 'run on' when turned off.
 Maybe the water pump starting to go?  Voltage regulator in alternator?  Or is simply the gauge bad?  Car seems to run OK even when its on the 'redline".  Also, the fuel gauge appears to be about a quarter tank high as well.
Any help out there would be appreciated!
Dave Ciaccio
Omaha, NE