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 Posted: 09-15-2008 01:15 pm
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Brett Gibson JH5 20497


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Well I went out and bought my second JH, a very Orange 74 with steel bumpers, I had planned on getting one to restore and this one definatly fits that bill. I will be putting in new rockers and floors, and to accomplish this I'm thinking of putting it on a home made rotisserie. My major concern is the car bending while the floors and rockers are off. I have already removed the fenders and doors.

So would some of you share what you did when you went thru this process, I would greatly appreciate it, should I be concerned ?? The main center tunnel and the outrigger steel seem strong.

Any Pictures would be great, I did go over to Mitch Ware's restoration  page but couldn't pull up any of pict's, Mitch ??.

Thanks Brett

1975 JH5 20497, 1974 JH 177??? should have wrote it down. :>