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 Posted: 09-13-2008 09:38 pm
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It's happened twice now so I better get her up on jack stands and check it out.......when braking fairly hard, my front passenger side brakes seems to be locking up, enough to initiate a skid and squeal!  The brake always releases so I'm guessing it's in the calipers, that they're not braking evenly and are grabbing big time.  The driver's side doesn't seem to have the problem, except both sides seem to be tighter than usual and the disk doesn't exactly spin freely as on would expect.  I'm told that this happens when folks allow their Jensen to sit for awhile I don't get driven as much as it should.  Since I live in snow country, unfortunately, that's what happens. Right off the bat I'm thinking that I should rebuild the calipers.  

That's where I'm going unless there are some other pearls of wisdom out there.  Any advice is welcomed.

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