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 Posted: 08-26-2008 07:40 pm
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Jay Dee


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I have a set of 45s that I am rebuilding. I have been using the Des Hammil book for reference.

When I disassembled the carbs, there were no springs between the accellerator pump jets and their cover plugs. I bought a set of springs, and was reassembling the carbs and reading through Hammils book, when I came across the photo on the bottom of page 41, where the pump jet assembly is pictured, without the spring. Yet the parts diagram indicates that one is supposed to be there.

What is the correct installation; with or without springs? What is the result of leaving them out, or, conversely, with having them installed? I have been told that they act only as a kind og filter, but I would like the opinions of those on the board.


John Dymond