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 Posted: 08-19-2008 11:24 am
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I'm strippping my Jensen Healey down this week and removing pretty much everything I can re-cycle into another project car.  I'm also removing the engine, transmission, windsheild, and so on for sale later - anything race related or that I put on as new such as the brake calipers for instance.

What will be left will be a Jensen Healey tub that is fully caged and logbooked for SCCA racing. This is a pretty big deal if you understand the "building a race car process" as the cage and logbook are essentially the car.

At any rate, the tub with good hood, good doors, good trunk, and suspension will be available to take away. The suspension has all new bushings and ball joints - you could take the arms off this can and have a nice new suspension. 

Car will probably be rolling on stock JH wheels with race rubber, but it might be on moving dollies. Depends on how ambitious I get with stripping.

I'd promised to give the tub to Judson Manning for his Prod car project but I'm up against the wall here - I have to get this thing stripped and out of my garage this weekend (we might be able to move it to a holding location for a few days). I've tried contacting Judson over the last few days but he has a new baby and is MIA. Anyone in contact with Judson please pass on the message. He has first rights but time is short.

Bottom line is I've got another car coming in and this one needs to disappear to keep the Minister of Domestic Affairs happy. The "new" car is coming in faster than anticipated due to the car transport company being ahead of schedule.

As a last resort, and I do mean last resort, we'll have the scrap yard take it away. I'll exhaust all other possibilities such as giving it away to other racers, putting it on other car forums as a project car, and so on before doing that. The cage was over $1700 and is EXTREMELY well done. If you'd like to contribute some money to me for having the car, by all means do, but it is not manditory.

Greg, sorry for posting this here but I'm hoping to reach some folks that might put this thing to use before it ends up out of the Jensen "family" or worse in the crusher.


Car looks like this:

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