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 Posted: 08-16-2008 03:19 pm
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John Kimbrough


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Just when everything was going great for our new little Pacific Northwest JH Club, disaster struck.  Sadly, on Monday I was t-boned on the passenger side by a Ford F-350 truck that ran a red light at 35-40 mph.  The pictures will show you that the car was totaled.  Besides the apparent damage, the frame was bent to the extent that all leaded seams separated, the trunk lid was jammed at the left side and the left door was all out of alignment.  The engine still ran, however.
I am going to be alright.  Had my cell phone in my right pants pocket and it was trapped between me and the console so the impace severely bruised my right thigh (and broke the screen on my cell phone).  Also the console lid struck me in the right ribs causing some bruising.  Evidently I did a full spin plus 90 degrees as a result of the impact.  The hat I was wearing was torn off my head and ended up in the middle of the street, 50 feet from where the car finally stopped.  The sunglasses I was wearing I found in the passenger seat next to the door. 
Ironically, on Sunday, the day before the accident, we were taking pictures of my JH alongside my brother-in-laws 1996 Corvette Grand Sport. 

Am working with Hagerty insurance right now on the details.  Not really sure what I will do.  May be a good parts car available real soon if anyone is interested.  Can provide more details if requested.  

Photos are posted on the JH Picture Gallery. 

John and Mimi Kimbrough
Vancouver, WA