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 Posted: 08-15-2008 03:23 am
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Got the tach out without doing the Dashboard Limbo. Didn't see any fried components so that about exhausts my diagnostic capability. Since my tach just suddenly quit altogether is there a component that most likely is the culprit, or would it be just as well to replace the capacitor, the resistors and the transisters. (what, no vacuum tubes?) Should I be able to source these components at Radio Shack? In reading the posts on this thread it seems that erratic readings are more common than total failure. If it comes to it can I send it somewhere for repair without replacing the whole circuit board for $165.00 plus? Then again now might be the time to upgrade to a unit that will work with the inevitable pointless ignition though my ignition is OK now. I'm glad I checked here first as I was able to figure out that I needed to plug the white and white/grey wires together to run the car without the tach from info on this thread. Guess I'll bring my multimeter home this weekend and make like I know how to use it and check some resistance readings. Would appreciate any thoughts you anyone might have on my ramblings and Thanks for allowing me to ramble. Dale

Could anyone help me identify the main timing capacitor? I think I may just replace it and not try to test it.

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