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 Posted: 08-14-2008 03:43 am
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Thanks for the reply Greg! I have the small square pump like Delta sells for $45 only I paid more than 3 times that out in El Cahone. It is mounted rather high on the LR wheelwell, maybe a lower mounting would help. It was only the one time that it has given trouble and that was only after sitting for over a week with the car high in front on ramps, and the tank low. It still gave me pause, though. You have thrown me a curve with mention of a vacuum valve , however. Could you expand on that for me? I was in town this morning and thought the pump wasn't working on start up because I couldn't hear it and and the park brake light wasn't on. I popped the hood to check my fuse box fix and realised that the brake light was off because the park brake was off. so I opened the trunk with my new remote release cable and stuck my head in to hear the pump going merrily along. I worry when I hear it and I worry when I don't. Well , thanks again and take care. Dale