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 Posted: 05-31-2005 11:09 am
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Kurt,    Yea I read that about the blow by pipe but I dont have a clue as to what it means, I dont see anything on the Carb that looks like I could clamp it off.

Alas for an update on how things are going, well I'm sad to say I pulled the Dell's off and switched back to the Stromberg's, when I intially took the Strom's off I did'nt do anything that could'nt be undone just in case .................. so I had the car back up and running for the weekend in no time at all,  what really clenched it for me was I stripped the Dell's down cleaned them up agian for the unpteenth time, installed new plugs, and took the car for a run, all seem right, no popping spitting back, stall or anything it felt great for about 5 to 7 miles then the same old crap started up again, that was it, so I figure now I will just pick up the anti-popping thingies and the other book on Dell rebuilding I dont have, ( Dell Slaven's) buy a Manometer and strip them down and let them soak for a week or so in carb cleaner, and towards the end of this driving season maybe try fitting them again.

Thanks to all who responded for try to help me out I really do appreciate it, I have'nt given up and I will get these thing's to work it's just I want to drive the car to the Nationals this year and the Dells just did'nt give me a "warm and Fuzzy" feeling.

Thanks Brett.