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 Posted: 08-08-2008 08:38 am
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Hi Joachim,
i was once interested in these because my relatively new Aldon Automotive distributor was leaking oil over the shaft.

Then i heard that some people weren't vary satisfied with the 123ignition distributors so it made me doubt. Also the Lotus requires a different distributor then other classic cars. My leaking distributor was missing a (2nd) bearing inside, which is normal for other cars but the Lotus engine needs this bearing!! Would 123ignition know this? the people at Aldon had forgotten about it even...

Then i thought: i already have the Pertronix Ignitor II and MSD6a so why don't i send back my leaking distributor to Aldon...

I did. Aldon fixed it (..the bearing) and gave it the best suitable curve for my 2.2L engine. So why have 16 curves when only one does the job best?

If you really want to beat this then I'd suggest the more expensive route to crankfired ignition.

good luck