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 Posted: 07-30-2008 07:29 am
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With some souls interested in the modifications of my JH, here goes.....Jensen Healey serial number 19405 was built on December 19, 1974 one of the last months roadsters before the conversion to the GT's.  Car was factory equiped (I know I'm going to get it now for changing her) with Dunlop wilre wheels, and both tops.  I aquired her from the local highschool's auto shop on the very day that she was scheduled to be torched into scrap and taken to the scrapmill. She cost me 100.00 dollars bribe to the shop teacher, and she had been abandoned at the school about 10 years previously by an unknown student.  She came with a trunk full of nos parts and new carpets and rust in her floor pans.  She  ow sports a Rover aluminum v8. a t-5 5 speed, Volvo 3.31 posi rear end, Volvo front brakes and master cyl. racing seats, custom glove box, custom console, fuel cell, and best of all a all USA wiring system with narry a LUCAS part to be found.  Wheels are 15x7 inch Fitipaldies with Volvo lug pattern and 195x50 and 205x50 Hancook V rated tires. Needs paint and final assemble.