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 Posted: 07-25-2008 01:44 am
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Say, has anyone thought about swapping in the entire rear-end from a Volvo? I did and it is only 1/2 inch wider than the origional  JH/ Vauxhal one; is a spicer 30 unit so is much stronger, has a limited slip dif from the factory, has the disk brakes standard equipment, has a emergency brake in the brake disk and weighs only slightly more than the stocker.  Required some brackets be made and some careful welding, but was in  in about a weekend.....just a thought.  I also equiped the front spindles with Volvo hubs and disks; swapped out the master cylinder for a volvo and ended up with a easily obtained, really inexpensive, and superior brake system, even used 5 lug wheels which are readily available. If you can fabricate, it might be for you.