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 Posted: 07-14-2008 02:03 am
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While driving home from work the aother day in the rain I was quite pleased at how little water made it's way into the car until, that is, I got home and opened the trunk which was totally soaked.

I seem to remember something on this topic before but can't seem to find it.  (Greg, what is it with the search feature?  It always finds nothing when I use it.)

Anyway, a little poking around and I found evidence (road grime) that water was coming in the rear corners through the gap in the inner fender where the tail lights sit (see picture).

After pondering for a while I made two sheet metal (aluminum) plates, pop riveted them in place and then sealed it all up with some strip caulk.

I will have to drive in the rain again to see if it works.

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