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 Posted: 07-08-2008 02:23 am
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Hey Pete!

    Really appreciate the help on this. I sweated blood every time I closed the trunk on all our stuff, all during our just completed 4 day swing through Colorado. I could see me trying to explain to Renee that she wouldn't have clean clothes to wear for a few days due to the natural quirkiness of British cars. Or worse, not being able to access the spare as we needed to on the Fourth. The more I think of it the less concerned I am about annealing that paddle. I just can't imagine it needing to be so hard, what with the way it is shaped and all. Having you tell me it's OK is the clincher for me. I suspect when I get the remote in, that I like others, will seldom use the key. When we got home an hour or so ago, the touch up paint I ordered had arrived. I hope that Artic White does not come in six shades as does the Buttercup Yellow. While I'm thinking about it I will say again, what  a great install and piece is your clutch lever boot. Now I must start saving my pennies for the engine shock absorber gadget. My firewall is just starting to crack under the mount, though I hadn't noticed any undue vibration until I started the car this morning in Leadville (9,000 plus altitude) and it was idling very slow and rough 'til it warmed up a bit. Thanks again for jumping in on this thread. Dale