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 Posted: 07-05-2008 03:51 am
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I've been experimenting with a remote release mechanism on the two spare Boot release assemblies that I have in my spares box.

On the first one, I didn't have any problems drilling a 0.550 inch hole in the parts.  On the second assembly, I ruined three drill bits, the same as you did.  I then used a propane torch to heat the steel to almost cherry red and let it cool.  This removed the temper/hardness, and I could drill the holes with no problem.  Don't get new drill bits, anneal the steel and use standard bits.

I'm convinced the Jensen factory had no process sheets or controls.  I've come across parts as the Boot lock assembly that are sometimes soft steel and sometimes hardned.  Also, subassembly parts seem to be painted with whatever paint they could find cheap or on hand.

In building my Pete's Kits Engine Damper, I have to re-work the brackets.  Part of my process is removing the existing paint in prparation to welding and then repainting.  In about half of the brackets, stripping the paint is easy with chemical strippers.  In the other half, the paint just will not come off.

We all know that the JH Buttercup yellow comes in at least six different colors.


Pete Bahr