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 Posted: 06-19-2008 04:02 am
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(*someone please correct me if I'm wrong*)

The pieces with the full wood are all adhered with glue, there are no screw on bits, or easily removable ones.

Assuming you've recieved the kit from Maderia concepts, the ashtray isn't an issue. The piece that resides undeer the dash is the simplest. unscrew it, and dicsonnnect the clock (if equipped). Heat if from behind with a head gun and pop the wood off with a screwdriver.

In terms of the center console, once it's completely unscrewed, the heater knobs need to be removed. The black knobs slide on but tend to be glued/stuck in place. depending on their condition, it is possible for them to disintegrate in your hands. Once you get that, and disconnect the lights (ignition, etc) you're good to go.

The last bit is the glove box. That requires a ful disassembly. Based on what's sent back, you'll either be able to screw it on top or replace the full part.