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 Posted: 06-16-2008 01:02 pm
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Lash Russell

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Hi Dale,

     I just finished the project you are getting into, replacing the visors.  The screws you are missing are (button cap screw #10 - 32 x 1" long).  I purchased new ones from Home Depot in stainless for 99 cents a pair.  My originals were a bit rusty so I undid the two screws holding the rear view mirror on and the entire valence peice came off.  This allowed me to replace the square nuts (#10 - 32) that those screws thread into.  I washed the valence with warm soapy then a couple of good cleanings with TSP followod by a couple of coats of black vinyl pain and it looks better than new.  Replacement screws for the rear view mirror are #8 x 1" oval head phillips (also stainless from Home Depot).

     If you are putting in new visors from Delta you might want to replace the fasteners and clean up the valence, I'm glad I did it as I has most of the stuff undone anyway.