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 Posted: 06-14-2008 01:35 am
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Hi Guy!

    Me thinks the radiator is OK, but I will need to install an electric fan if I'm going to leave it idling for long periods. I don't expect to idle all that much and the single instance when I did was inadvertant if not mildly stupid. As soon as the car was moving even at 20 mph the temp dropped off. The gauge doesn't get to the half way mark during normal operation. Thanks for the tip on the cap pressure, I will change it to the 7# right away. I am really loving this car and it is an added plus that my wife enjoys it too. Hope to find time when we're not driving it to clean up the wheels and other things. Now if I can just find all the visor mount screws before the visors get back from Delta. Two of them grew teeth and chewed their way out of the Zip Lock bag I had them in. I think a std thread screw will replace them, but it's a detail that will bug me anyway. Thanks again, Dale
 Reread your last and I will double check the gauge against the temp probe on my multi meter. Seems I should have gotten some coolant into the reserve tank when the gauge got over the half way mark, but I didn't.

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