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 Posted: 06-02-2008 02:50 pm
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My brake warning light is now on, after I replaced my master cylinder. I bled both the front and rear before I ever had the key on so I'm not sure which half (front or rear) caused the PDWA piston to move. One thing to note is that I first bled the driver’s side front caliper. While bleeding this first caliper pressing on the brake pedal, it seemed to be a bit difficult to get the fluid to flow and I didn’t seem to have any pedal “feel”. At the time I thought that maybe I had a problem with the new MC because it didn’t seem to be returning to it’s at rest position. I then loosened the caliper bleeder a little bit more and got the flow and peddle feel that would be expected. I’m guessing that in the process of trying hard to get more flow at the front caliper (by pressing hard at end of pedal travel); I may have had too much pressure in the rear and caused the switch to set. I read above that the way to reset the PDWA is to loosen either front or rear and press the pedal (trying the front then the rear or the rear then the front). Does anyone know of another way, without the need to loosen any bleeders?  If I do loosen a bleeder, should it be “just a little loose” or really open? Which would provide the most direct pressure applied to the PDWA piston, to cause a reset?


While on the MC subject, I installed one of those TR250 style units. It seems to fit up just right. The question I have about it is on the fluid reservoir. Almost the entire opening is dedicated to the rear portion of the reservoir. The opening for the front portion is tiny and too small to pour any fluid into it. To get any fluid into the front portion you need to fill the rear portion to what would seem to me to be overfull. It is almost over the edge of the entire opening before it spills over the dam between the two sections. I would think that the dam would not need to be so high. Also the front portion is extremely smaller in volume than the rear portion. More that I would have expected. Any thoughts or comments are most welcome. Thanks.