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 Posted: 05-26-2005 07:32 pm
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Judson Manning

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Every car and every cooling system is different, so I couldn't tell you for certain what will or will not work for you.  With that said, I've pointed out on numerous posts that I went through 3 different re-cored JH radiators (and 3 fans at once) until I finally gave up on Copper.

I'm currently running an Aluminum Scirroco style drag race radiator that I bought from  The oil cooler is from permacool and is designed to handle up to 600hp.  My ride has been classified as 'experimental', so these are solutions that I don't necessarily recommend.

The configuration of my radiator is such that I had to mount it forward of the stock location.  Unfortunately, only the lower half gets good airflow, but the radiator is so efficient and the oil cooler is so big, it doesn't matter.

If I had to do it all over again, I'd get someone like Griffin to make me a custom aluminum radiator with 2x1.25" tubes that fit the stock JH opening and hose locations.  That is the expensive option....

Especially if you already have one, I'd try your 3-core JH radiator and stock oil cooler first.  You can always buy bigger and better stuff later!