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 Posted: 05-28-2008 11:42 am
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I think the JH could probably compete in IT, but it'd need to be moved into ITA. In ITA the cars have less power and it is almost 100% 2L four bangers and under.

ITS is simply too strong of a playing field and the cars have too much power for the JH. About 140-150 rear wheel hp is about the best I could see the JH doing, and even that might be a serious stretch since modern 2L four bangers do that with higher compression, modern EFI, better head design, and precise mixture control - all of which the JH is missing.

ITS cars are generally running around 165-180 rear wheel hp at only a couple hundred pounds heavier than the JH with IRS to boot. My own 260Z is up to around 168 rear wheel hp and the spec weight is 2480 lbs, plus, it makes over 160 ft lbs of torque at the wheel which the JH can't match on displacement.

As far as the Z goes it has been a great car to get me seat time over the last year and I've run probably ~20 races in it, great fun. Gotten some decent finishes with it, as high as 3rd and mostly mid-pack which I think is good for my level of experience. But it isn't where I want to "be" in racing either. I'm in the procees of picking a modern car for IT racing, something made in the last 10 years or so, to reap the benefits of modern braking and EFI - will definitely lighten that workload in the paddock. Older cars take a lot of work to keep on track, while rewarding, it is tiring - especially as the driver gets older too....


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