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 Posted: 05-28-2008 02:00 am
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Hi Dan

I had exactly the same problem as you. On the bottom of the lock barrel (inside the trunk) there is a plastic 'paddle' that rotates and strikes a spring loaded lock that clamps the lid to a u shaped bracket fixed to the body of the car - you'll see all this when you finally get it unlocked! The lock gets loose over the years and when rotated, misses the lock release. Unfortunately there is no easy way out.

The only hole on my Mk1 is where the vertical pole that holds the spare wheel holder fits into the car body so I tried to get access by pushing it into the trunk. This creates a small hole but not big enough to get your hand in, so I tried to disengage the lock by poking around inside with a steel rod. Unfortunately this is very hit n miss as it is difficult to see what you need to do to disengage the lock, plus the muffler needs to be taken off. It didn't work either.

There is no way around the petrol tank from the front of the car.

The only suggestion locksmiths could give me was to cut a hole behind the number plate which I really didn't want to do. In frustration I also tried to just break the nut that holds the barrel onto the lock by inserting a slim screwdriver into the lock and whacking it with a hammer; still no go.

The entire locking mechanism on my car was held on by a single retaining clip. In the end after several weeks of messing around the only way I was able to get it off was to insert a flat head screwdriver between the lock and the trunk lid and carefully prise it loose by pushing the edges of the retaining clip inwards, then do as Frank suggests with your little finger.

This however damages the trunk lid and the edges of the trunk where the lock sits, and mine will now need touching up to avoid the potential for the problem to repeat itself in future. But I can't see any other way... 

I've now fitted a remote release by attaching a length of bicycle brake cable to the release and feeding it into the front of the car - let me know if you want photos and I'll post some.

Good luck

Chris L