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 Posted: 05-25-2008 05:39 am
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Frank Schwartz


Well, my experience with a GT was that the viscous fan was totally ineffective and even when replaced with a new one, it still did not do the job expected of it.  I replaced it witha  SPAL fan which worked beautifully.   We later purchased a rusted out JH from Florida for parts and it had an a/c partially still remaining in the car.  It was a very late of the last twenty built and it had the viscous fan.  Of course the car was not in any way operating so whether the fan worked or not is problematical.  My personal opiinion is they are not so good.  On the GT, all seemed to be working nicely, but when the car was stopped and shut off, the radiator began to boil violently and usually then dumped most of the coolant in the driveway.  The electric fan solved this problem totally. Odd, because other GT owners had the viscous fan and apparantly had no problems with it.  We even had the radiator cleaned and checked, too.