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 Posted: 05-19-2008 01:44 pm
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Greg, OK of the top of my head.

1. heater hose, intake manifold to heater core.

2. crank vent, to carb air cleaners

3. get rid of the manifold and get Delta's header, otherwise pipe it up to the airpump smog item if you still have it , otherwise plug them.

4. inlet maniflod center spigot.

5. see above, brake booster goes to intake manifold but use's the larger port towards the rear.

6. What stud, not sure what your describing.

7. the small rear most hose connection in the center  of each goes to the carbon cannister, the 5/16 inside of each carb near the linkage is for gas feed, use a metal tee, the other 5/16 is for a hose from carb to carb for balance, the small ones on the right sides bypass valve ......... aahhh forgot, but plug them, you dont need them, carbon cannister, maybe.

Well anyhow hope this helps, good luck