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 Posted: 05-18-2008 04:40 am
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I'm restoring a jensen healey (American model, 1976) that had an engine fire. I got new carbs (stromberg 175 CD-2, or CD-SE, not sure) and have a lot of the fuel lines hooked up, and a lot of the engine put back together, but I can't figure out where the following hose connections go:

1) Where does the upper heater hose connect to?. I have the lower heater hose connected to the water pump next to the lower radiator hose.

2) Where does the Crankcase vent go to? I think its a Crankcase vent but I'm not entirely sure. Its by the carbs on the block towards the back of the engine.

3) Where does the exhaust manifold vent connect to?

4) What does the distributor vacuum advance connect to?

5) Where does the center intake manifold connection go? Is this a vacuum or heater connection? I think it's a vacuum, but I want to be sure. I have the intake manifold vacuum line connected to the brake booster. Is this right?

6) Where does the stud off of the top of the inlet manifold connect to? This is the one near the water temp. sensor.

7) What do the inlets on the inside back of the stromberg carbs connect to? I have the first two lower inlets hooked up to the main fuel line. I have the top to studs hooked up together flowing back to the fuel canister. Is this right?

Any help on this would be great. This is my first restoration, and is turning out to be a bit harder than I thought it would. Thanks!