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 Posted: 05-06-2008 09:45 am
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Hi Tim,

i wouldn't advice using a 104 in a 2.0L engine. In a reconditioned 2.0L engine i would use 2 x 107's. In a decent compression (10.5:1 or higher) 2.2L engine the combo 107/104 is the ticket.  I, for one, have this (engine done by Garry Kemp).

Then the question is about 40's or 45's dellorto's and this is mainly determined by venturis you plan on using. In my 2.2L i run 38 venturis which I think is not possible in your 40's.  If you are running 2.0L with 2 x 107's then the 40's should be fine as I think you'd want 34 or 35 venturis which should work with your set.

good luck