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 Posted: 04-28-2008 01:38 am
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I bought  the car in around 1980 .I was  trying to find a TR6 that wasn't too rusted out at the time and ran across the JH .
In about 1973 while touring BC  with a friend in his TR 6 (new at the time ) We fell in with a JH  on the Trans Canada and I could  see how much more power it had than the TR .
So when I saw this JH  and got to take for a test drive  I was sold .
I will say that from the day I bought it I was terrified of having to rebuild the engine as the reported costs were astronomical .Well I have finally had to face that demon and while it was not cheap   it was not at all as bad as anticipated

I have kept it as a daily summer driver and it never fails to put a smile on my face (unless of course its raining) then the wipers suck ,the top leaks and the demister is just too optomistic a name (haha)

When did you get yours ?