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 Posted: 04-24-2008 12:47 pm
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I understand (I could be wrong) that Spitfire visors are compatible? Would it be the entire unit or just the attachment? I have no idea what the attachment even looks like.

I was at a all British car event last weekend and was unable to find ANY Visors, I was also looking for a rearview mirror (Mine looks an awful lot like what I had in My TR6's)couldn't find one of those either.

Just an FYI, I couldn't believe what some owners had done to their Triumphs, Corvette engines, supercharged,turbo charged....etc.

And yes I searched high and low for Jensens ........out of 200 cars nary a one. I did find a maintenace manual and tune up bok for JH. As for the visors they may have to wait a little while.

Dave (squinty) Dewdney