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 Posted: 04-11-2008 05:16 am
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I went through this routine a few years ago, and I wound up having the threads chased by a reputable machine shop locally.  I had them drill out and remove one of the air bypass screws, and re-establish the threads.  You should be able to find someone locally that can do that for you.

As to the 0-rings, I think there are 2 for the bypass screws, 2 for the pump vlaves, 2 for idle needle screws, 1 for the check valve, and 2 for the idle jets. That's only 9. I have a 45 mm apart on the bench, and I don't seem to find the one for the check valve. But I think that the Des Hammill illustration shows only those nine. I'm not sure what you refer to as the balance lever.

Nice job cleaning the carb bodies up. I never seem to get mine that clean.

J Dymond