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 Posted: 04-09-2008 12:41 am
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Alright guys. I went ahead an cleaned them in the bucket-o-carb cleaner and not the ultrasonic route. I have assembled one and noticed there are a total of 10 o-rings by my count 0n the carb in the following locations.

2 - Bypass screws

2 - Progression tap screw (mixture)

2 - Pump jet

1 - Pump check valve

1 - Balance lever

2 - Idle jet

The parts diagrams show three different sizes. Above indicates smallest to largest. The rebuild kits seem to only come with eight o-rings. Which eight are these to replace. These size is not always obvious and I have yet to find the sizes for the given part numbers. It is also unfortunate that the old ones in my carbs are so distorted that it makes it very hard to know. Is there anyone here who can shed some light on this for me?

I also had to have one of the Progression tap screws removed due to a stripped head. It would also seem that the thread got a little damage. I have been able to find the size of tap I need to chase these threads with, but not a domestic location to aquire one. If anyone knows of a shop that could do this for me or a place to get a tap from please let me know. The size is M7 x 0.5 mm pitch.



Picture of the rebuild:


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