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 Posted: 05-24-2005 01:52 pm
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Thanks Guy's I appreciate the input and knowledge you are willing to sharing with me, it seem's my 4 vacuum gauge setup just wont make it in this situation and definately the Uni-syn style tool wont, the Morgan Carbtune is a good chunk of change and probably worth it and it was very good to see that there are cheaper alternative's as well, looks like I'll be needing one of those.

Brian if I understand you correctly I need to use smaller idle jets, most people recommend the 55's  which is what I have, to go smaller though would I go to 60's or 45's not sure which way they run, I also see that the anti-popping thingy's are a must.

As Jim suggest's I will go thru and check for air leaks and give it one more shot with what I have now, if that does'nt  do the trick I'm afraid that I am just going to have to pull them off for this year and try again next, I've already over spent my JH budget for this year, not to mention the time it's taken to get this far, plus If "she who must be obeyed" catch's on I'm in the dog house.

But believe me I will get these things going, it just does'nt look like it will take place now.

Thanks for all the help