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 Posted: 03-30-2008 02:49 pm
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That's my problem!  I have no way of knowing what I don't have because I can neither examine an existing J-H to see what's there or reference a diagram or picture that explains it.

When I push the lock unit that I have into the hole in the boot lid, it slides in but nothing holds it in place.  I am guessing that there is some kind of retaining spring or lock that it is supposed to slide into that secures it in place (presumably from underneath) and maybe other bits as well, but I don't know.

When I try to hold the lock in place with my fingers and turn the key, the cam rotates but doesn't seem to press against the spring-loaded latch that opens the trunk, so there may be something else missing as well, but I can't tell.

Sort of a catch-22, huh?

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