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 Posted: 03-20-2008 12:46 pm
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My progress has been hampered by bad parts.  I needed one rear brake adjuster so I bought 2 from a dealer on ebay.  They looked right but one of them had already fallen apart in the box.  The studs just fell out of it.  He sent me another and I thought all was well until I went to install them.  The studs pulled right out of the casting with very little torque applied.  All three of them were bad.  This guy told me he'd sold "hundreds" (huh??) of them over the last year with no problems.  I asked him to put a nut and wrench on them and if he could find one that didn't fall apart to send it to me.  A day or two later he said he'd send me a refund and that all 40 of them he had were bad.  Beware of Taiwanese brake adjusters.

Delta sent me a couple girling type rear wheel cylinders.  They looked right but when I was installing them, I found out that the hand brake lever slot was too small to accept the levers.  I called Delta and they tried it and sure enough, that whole lot was the same.  They did dig up some original Girling cylinders and get them out to me quickly and they are good.  Now I'm waiting on the original Girling brake adjuster to arrive from Delta.  Yes, it costs twice as much, but will be well worth it, if it works!   

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