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 Posted: 03-16-2005 08:14 pm
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Thanks for stopping by the Jensen Healey Preservation Society JH Tech Board, here's how this works-

Anyone can view the topics and search for stuff.

To post messages, you need to register. See the Help button at the top of the page for details. It's no big deal. It takes only moments and it can be incognito (you can even make your email private), although I prefer people use at least part of their real name(s). I need to do this to control spammers, since I don't like that sort of thing. Spammers get dealt with harshly. Ancient Celtic curses will be befall all evil doers, it can get ugly.

For the time being, anyone who is a Jensen Healey, GT, Lotus enthusiast or whatever can join in. If you're not a Jensen Healey Preservation Society club member, please consider joining as our meager dues are what make this all possible.

If you have specific questions about Jensen Interceptors, CV8's, 541's Volvos P1800's bodied by Jensen, etc., that's all very interesting stuff, but this is not the place for it. Jensen Healey and Jensen GT tech is the topic at hand. Please send events and ads (no ads on the Message Boards) to me for posting in the approriate sections of the web site.

What the Message Board is not: this Message Board and the JHPS is NOT a public utility or public forum for debating. JHPS is a Private Organization and as such contributors are subject to the rules mentioned above. I prefer to keep our board open to anyone that would like to view it or has something constructive to contribute, but if someone does not feel the need to comply with our few simple guidelines, or generally displays a not very nice attitude, they may get removed.

In addition, please understand that this run by a volunteer, me, and honestly, I do have a job and a life and all that. Almost 100% of the problems that users have with this board are operator error. PLEASE try and figure out how to login and retrieve passwords by reading the instructions or just poking around. It's really pretty easy.