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 Posted: 03-04-2008 04:45 pm
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There'll be another “British Car Day” this Saturday (03-08-08) at Cars&Coffee in Irvine.

We had lots of fun at the last one so let's get even more Jensens out there for this round!

C&C happens every Saturday, rain or shine at the Ford/Mazda complex just off the 5 fwy at Alton Parkway in Irvine.
Official start time is 07:00 AM and it goes to roughly 09:00 AM but the guys who want their pick of parking spaces usually show up around 06:30. 

For anybody that hasn’t been to Cars&Coffee yet, it’s basically a “show up and hang out” sort of car show.  No entry forms, no judging, no trophies no categories, just drive in and see what else shows up.  What shows up can be anything from brass-era Benz to the latest exotic super sportscar to muscle cars, hot rods, VW vans, 4x4’s or who-knows-what. 

Even when they have a “featured marque” or spotlighted group it’s still totally casual.  The cars of honor just park up front in the featured lot and the front row of the main lot.  Other than that, everybody still just brings whatever they feel like driving and parks wherever they happen to roll in.
Even if you don’t want to show off your ride you can come on down, park in the spectator parking area and check out the cars.  Check out this website for pix of some of the stuff that shows up.


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