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 Posted: 03-01-2008 12:18 am
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I've slowly gone thru the entire system and replaced EVERYTHING as outlined in my previous posts.  I think the brakes feel really weak.  There's plenty of height to the pedal, it feels firm.  But, when push comes to shove (or to errr...stop...), I feel like my foot is all the way into the brake and there's no more stopping power.

I'm not sure why brakes with no ABS wouldn't lock up at a full stomp from 20mph or more. 

And because I don't have much confidence in the brakes I haven't didn't work them so hard on my recent romp - good practice actually but that's a different topic. I was racing with an Austin Healey around the mountains and I didn't have the luxury of heating the brakes and having to ease up on my driving - or he would have passed me - it was a built Austin and he was a good driver! So I drove moderately hard instead of laying on the brakes later into the corners.  Yet I digress...

Anyway, I didn't hammer on the brakes too much the last trip but they also seem to fade very quickly when I'm pretending to be Mario Andretti. 

I'll spring for some pads from Porter and see what happens.  I think there is info on part #'s etc from another post so I'll go search for that. 

And thinking about it - pads might make sense because when I first put the new pads and shoes on it I was pretty happy.  Maybe they're getting progressively worse - it's only been a couple hundred miles so maybe they were better before. 

Judson - did you see my post regarding my shifting troubles? Whaddya think? Throwout bearing, clutch cable, something else?  I don't think it's the tranny itself...