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 Posted: 02-29-2008 11:54 pm
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Here is the latest update for the Jensen 08  Inter-nationals.  Jeff and Laura have been working extremely hard and I think have really put something together which is going to be special.

I am still hoping Brett Gibson will be my partner in the Jarts Tournament  as I hear he has a DEADLY accurate throw.

Hi everyone:


We wanted to take a moment to update everyone regarding arrangements for the J2008 East meeting at Watkins Glen, NY.  We’ve received registrations from 14 individuals and at least 22 of the 40 rooms have been already been reserved.  I’m also aware of six or seven reservations that may be in the mail, including several individuals who will be attending their first Nationals  It appears that demand for rooms may soon exceed supply and I’m not sure how may more of the hotel rooms we can get released.  The guy who takes the reservations by phone had the wisdom to be in Florida recently (it was -2 here this morning), surprisingly he’s returned and is now available to accept reservations.  Jack can be reached at the Seneca Lodge at (607) 535-2014.


Bob Gillespie is a Watkins Glen artist and will be designing our poster, you can see his work at .Also, we are putting together a compilation of pictures from previous events.  If you have photos from J2000-J2003 please consider forwarding them to us for inclusion in the compilation.  John Cronin is assisting with signs, gift bag items and importantly stock for the hospitality room.  Laura and I will be traveling to Watkins Glen in the next week or two to finalize contracts for the BBQ caterers and banquet arrangements.  We will also begin the difficult work of sampling wineries for inclusion in our tour.  We’re also going to speak to Schuyler County Hospital emergency room and local personal injury attorneys regarding sponsorship of the Jarts tournament


We hope this finds all of you well and look forward to seeing you in June!


Jeff and Laura


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