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 Posted: 02-29-2008 07:51 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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I'm sure some quality brake pads would make a world of difference on this car.

Jody- I have the SS flexible brake hoses (I don't have any SS rigid lines for the stock system) custom made in the USA by a well respected company, but there are others available as well. The original rubber hoses were fine, but those are NLA and have been replaced by shorter, Chinese made rubber ones that I found to be poor quality and not long enough. Just changing a hose in and of itself will not realize a burst of improvement. Like many things, it's an incremental change for the better.

Joel- the JH brakes should not "lock up", the system is not designed to work that way. You should have a solid, progress stop. Does your brake pedal feel rock solid all the time, or do you have some play in the pedal as your braking?