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 Posted: 02-29-2008 10:26 am
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Judson Manning

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Everyone's 'milage' will differ...

To answer your question DDrake - No.  I never pursued the Celica rotor solution after my experience at the Gainesville, FL Solo I last year.

Running 8" slicks (and no rear brakes) the stock front calipers with Hawk pads held their own.  Yes, I did experience some brake fade in a competition environment, but again I had zero rear brakes.  Once I got the rears fixed, I really had no reason to complain.

The Hawk pads I was using were meant for the Formula Ford and actually smaller than the stock JH size (hard to find competition JH pads on the shelf!).  If I did some brake ducting up front and used the bigger pads, the fade certainly would have been less.  Not to mention the fronts were doing double duty.

Before anyone immediately throws out the stock set-up, keep in mind a number of  formula cars use our caliper and it is well proven in competition.  Tires are actually the most effective part of the braking system.  A good set of sticky 205s will go a long way to curing suspected braking issues (assuming all parts are actually working!).   Throw in some higher performance pads (Porterfield, Hawk, etc.) and fresh fluid running through the TR6 master cylinder and most people (even in a competition setting) should be pretty happy.