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 Posted: 02-15-2008 03:26 pm
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Hi Mohessian,

I did drill out the lock which made everything significantly worse, I finally resorted to removing the collar assembly from the steering wheel using a hacksaw blade to hand cut through the bolts at the joint line - (I've now got more blisters than my front wing). It actually came off quite cleanly with little damage to the collar and I didnt even have to take the dashboard out (1/2 hr labour + 2 hacksaw blades).

With that removed the steering wheel was released and I'm left with the electrical contact plate from the  back of the ignition switch. I've ordered a push button/relay and toggle switches for mounting on the dashboard to turn on the electrics and fire up the engine so fingers painfully crossed I should have it back up and running in a couple of days - without so much as a bent paper clip for security.

Just a thought - should I re-attach the now disabled lock housing assembly? I can't see that it does anything other than hold the locking system to the column but I suppose it could be playing some vital secondary role. I'd hate for the steering wheel to work loose at 90mph.

You may have guessed I don't intend to win any prizes at the local car show, I just love driving - preferably as painlessly and cheaply as possible.