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 Posted: 02-13-2008 07:20 pm
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I have the exact same problem, the free turning ignition key was in the car when I picked it up but the car hadn't been used for a couple of years. The steering wheel wasn't locked but after removing the key it clicked in.

I put the key back in but the key now refuses to turn and I've jiggled it to the point of getting blisters on my index finger. I've flooded the barrel with WD-40 to no avail and as a last resort even tried tapping the end of the key with a hammer to make sure it was fully inserted.

I guess I'm going to have to strip the lock out and replace it - unless you managed to find some secret way of doing it?

Im so frustrated with it that I was also considering stripping the guts out of the lock and wiring the ignition to a switch and push button start on the dashboard - or is that just ridiculous?

Any advice gratefully accepted


1972 Mk1 . Lincolnshire UK