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 Posted: 02-12-2008 02:41 pm
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Join !!

Calling out again to all Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico owners and enthusiasts of the JH marque to gather. 

Our group is up and running with a half-dozen members in a scant couple of weeks.  Restricted to regional members only, this is not a tech or forum like JHPS (which we all revere Greg!), but purely a communication tool for those of us who like that there's mountains between us and y'all!

We've started a Database with a regional member directory and a Used Parts and Spares Inventory for our "leftovers" that our member community can swap & sell to further their projects without having to sweat the shipping so much.

Ultimate goal?  To hold a BBQ & Shiner Bock laden meet sometime in early summer.  Maybe by next year to have an actual Rally!  Who knows.

Come see us!