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 Posted: 02-06-2008 02:08 pm
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Judson Manning

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With oil hovering at $100/bbl and my SUV (speciffically chosen to tow a JH to the race track) averaging 15-20mpg; I was a bit curious to see what kind of fuel milage my JH was getting.  You'd think a little car built during the crux of a world-wide oil crisis might just be a bit more efficient than a big honking SUV....

I never was able to source the part to adapt my Toyota W58 to the JH speedometer (let alone calibrate it!), so this little project of MPG has been difficult to start.  Fate would have me getting lost in the back roads of GA, AL and FL one too many times, and I chose to treat myself to a GPS system (thanks to John Cronin for the inspiration). 

The Garmin GPS just so happens to have an instantaneous speed readout and a trip odometer.  Yes, I basically spent $500 so I could get some idea of how fast I was going!

Anyway, on a business trip yesterday to Greenville, SC and back I had the chance to do some measurements and got a consistant 24mpg rating.  My sampling was basically 2 legs ~115 miles long up and back on I-85 at "highway" speeds.

Anyone else have some samplings of milage results?  Highway?  around town?  Think the IRS will let me start using the JH for business trips???

For those of you wanting some comparisons my car's particulars:

2.2 907/910 hybrid ~11:1 c/r DHLA 45s w/ 138mains & 57idle jets, essentially 104 cams EX&IN, W58 trans w/ .78:1 overdrive, 205/60R13 tires, top down, O2 reading ~13:1

I figure running with the hard-top will get 1-2mpg; switching to 107 cam on EX and trimming the carbs to achieve O2 reading of ~14:1 are worth another 2-3mpg as well.  Other suggestions???